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Student athletes

Our sports performance programs are engineered to improve movement that will enable you to meet the demands of your sport, designed specifically for each skill level and age group.

Youth and middle school athletes

If you’re a youth athlete looking to improve your athleticism, look no further. Our youth programs will enable you to develop a great foundation that you will need in order to be a successful athlete both in the short and long term. Our scientifically designed programs will also aid in reducing potential injuries while also improving athletic performance.

High school athletes

Proper preparation is the key to being a successful athlete. Our high school performance system will give you an edge over your competition no matter the sport or skill level. This system aids in helping you effectively improve your motor potential, strength, and power in order to compete at a peak level. With our scientifically supported methodologies, we are able to greatly help our athletes reduce the risk of injury while also helping them reach peak performance irrespective of sport.

College athletes

Our college performance systems will give you the necessary tools in order to be successful at the collegiate level. Our system will help you better improve your motor potential while also reducing the risk of injuries. This performance system will also aid in helping you to develop sport-specific strength and power in order to achieve peak performance.

Teams and clubs

Every coach wants to win championships. How your athletes prepare for competition will determine that outcome. Our system implements a personalized strategy to improve strength, power, speed and flexibility. We also provide nutritional guidance to give you a great edge over your competition. Our performance coaches work closely with coaches in order to effectively improve team and individual performance. After all, the only way to improve your program is to improve your athletes.

Annual high school football combine prep

Every year, young athletes are looking to showcase their talent at combines. With college coaches today putting great emphasis on the importance of having athleticism, it’s important for athletes to be better prepared for their combines so that they can appeal to college coaches. In our combine prep, you’ll learn the specific techniques that will enable you to optimize your performance and stand out.

Seasonal speed and agility camps

Call 815.971.3940 for available camps.

Team performance testing

Our coaches conduct performance baseline assessments for high school, middle school, and club teams.

We utilize cutting-edge technology when it comes to assessing performance metrics. Our cutting-edge testing system provides accuracy, consistency, and reliable real-time results. We do this with our F.A.T. (fully automatic timing) system to help teams better quantify speed without any second-guessing. This is the same official timing system that has been utilized for many years by the official NFL Combine.

The testing system allows us to provide results to coaches immediately after the testing. Our performance team also provides feedback to players and coaches as to what they can improve upon.

For more information on our team testing, please contact us at 815.971.3940.

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