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Protect your vision

Good vision is important for quality of life and independence as you age. Follow the tips below in addition to healthy habits for long-term eye health.


Eyes can sunburn just like skin. The sunglasses you choose should block 99 to 100% of UV-A and UV-B radiation. It’s important to wear them on cloudy days too. Clouds don’t stop harmful UV rays. These rays can also reflect off surfaces such as snow, water, windows and asphalt. Certain lens coatings and lens types can help as well. Some common side effects of high amounts of UV rays over time are clouding of the lens in the eye, growths in the eye and central vision loss.

Safety glasses

The eye is a delicate organ. Wear safety glasses when things could go flying. Yard work, handling toxic chemicals, or working with tools are some examples of when this may occur. You can buy safety glasses from most stores. You can get them with corrective lenses at your eye care center as well.

Eye exams

Complete an eye exam at least every two years. Your eye doctor might ask you to visit more often. Vision loss usually occurs slowly and often goes unnoticed. You may not be able to tell you have an eye disease in its early stages. Early detection and timely treatment can reduce your odds of vision loss and blindness by almost half.

A dilated eye exam is a good way to find out if you have high blood sugar levels. At least 90% of diabetes related vision loss could be prevented. Call 608.314.2318 or visit for more information on diabetes-related resources.