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Continence program

Urinary incontinence can be very stressful for you and your child. Urinary incontinence can cause stress, social anxiety and embarrassment for your child. It can lead to your child missing out on fun activities, like sleepovers and summer camps. Urinary incontinence may make you uneasy as well.

We’re here to help reduce this worry by helping your child overcome their wetting issues.

How we can help

Our continence program focuses on treating the causes of urinary conditions, rather than just managing the symptoms. The program starts with a full history and physical to rule out any neurologic abnormalities. If none are identified, then treatment is started by providing thorough education to the child and their family.

Nearly a quarter of our patients have success without testing or medicine. After a short time, if that treatment is not successful, some non-invasive tests are performed to determine the cause and the appropriate treatment. The majority of patients then enter our biofeedback program.

Biofeedback program

Biofeedback is used to help your child learn how to control specific muscles in the pelvic floor and abdomen. When pelvic floor muscles are not relaxed during urination, it creates a turbulent urine flow, it can lead to problems that include urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections and voiding dysfunction.

We make biofeedback fun by combining the use of computer games with non-invasive, electromyography (EMG) equipment to monitor and give information about the specific muscles being used. Fully clothed and sitting in a chair, your child will tighten their pelvic floor muscles to get a higher score in the game. This ultimately leads to stronger pelvic floor muscles and a reduction or elimination of accidental wetting.

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