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Child development and behavior

You want the best for your child's health and well-being. That's why a developmental or behavioral issue can be overwhelming and scary. When a problem arises, we’re here to help.

Our child development and behavior specialists are experts in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for developmental-related conditions and behavior issues. Our medical specialists, therapists, psychologists, and others offer your family comprehensive care. They will work with your child's pediatrician, who remains the primary care provider, and refer you to early intervention programs, if needed.

Help following a NICU hospitalization

Transitioning home from a neonatal intensive care unit is challenging for even the most prepared families. Families need guidance as their babies grow and develop, as graduates are at a higher risk for developmental and growth delays. Periodic evaluations provide reassurance children are doing well, and they provide the support children need if challenges emerge.

Our neonatal follow-up team are experts on the impact that illness and prematurity has on a child’s early years.

Intensive therapy

In addition to our neonatal follow-up care, we offer a variety of therapy services, including inpatient care for children who need constant medical attention, and outpatient care for medically-stable children who require intensive therapy. We also work with children with diagnosed or suspected developmental delays, including issues with language or speech; movement, balance or dexterity; vision; social or emotional skills; and cognitive (thinking) skills. We help families in need of intensive support for a child with delays.

Autism services

We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children with a variety of autism spectrum disorders, including intensive, in-home behavioral services for children ages 2-8 and non-intensive services to all children and young adults. Learn more about our autism services.

Behavioral health services

Our child and adolescent psychiatry professionals specialize in diagnosing and treating disorders of thinking, feeling and/or behavior affecting children, adolescents and their family. We provide help for a wide range of mental health services from outpatient day treatment to individual and group therapy for teens and children. Learn more about behavioral health services.

A doctor's referral may be required

Talk to your child’s doctor if you think these services would benefit your family.