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Hospice volunteers

Volunteers are an important part of the Mercyhealth Hospice team. Our volunteers, who receive specialized training, give their time and talents to help with patient and agency needs.

There are so many opportunities to help. Volunteers can choose to work directly with individuals and their families work in our office, at home or out in the community.

  • Individual and family support
  • Office volunteers
  • Special event volunteers
  • Community outreach volunteers
  • Crafty volunteers
  • Pet-loving volunteers
  • Visiting volunteers
  • Music volunteers
  • Veteran volunteers

How to become a hospice volunteer

To get started, fill out a volunteer application or call:

More ways to help

We’re committed to promoting public awareness of hospice and palliative care through educational outreach presentations to the community, service groups, churches and health care groups.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, or would like another topic from our list of presentations, we would be happy to come to your organization and talk to you.

Donate today

Although hospice benefits are available from Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurers, reimbursement often falls far short of the actual expenses. Because of this, Mercyhealth Hospice relies on the generous support of the community to bridge the gap between reimbursement and expenses, and to provide critical services such as bereavement support, volunteer training and educational outreach.

Learn more and make a donation.

Recognize a hospice team member

Mercyhealth Hospice takes great pride in offering high-quality, compassionate and professional home care to our patients, regardless of the services they require. Our nurses, home health aides and staff bring a wealth of experience with the hope of meeting all of your expectations and home care needs.

If you received outstanding care, you can let us know through our Gifts of Gratitude program. You can make a donation in recognition of your caregiver, and the donation will be used to help ensure that other patients receive the same level of care. The caregiver will be notified of your donation so they know how much they helped you.

Give to Gifts of Gratitude.