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Employee assistance program

The Mercyhealth Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides life-enhancing programs and supportive care to employees of customer businesses. Our goal is to give you the resources and the ability to manage personal and work stressors, leading to a more fulfilling work-life balance.

EAP for individuals: Compassionate care in difficult times

Life’s journey isn't always a smooth one. We recognize this and want to help you overcome obstacles through the Employee Assistance Program. This confidential resource connects you with experts who can help you with a variety of situations, including relationship issues, stress management, parenting support, work-related problems and much more. If it's causing stress in your life, we can help.

If you're an employee of a business that partners with Mercyhealth EAP, learn how we can help.

EAP for businesses: Healthier, happier, more productive employees

Keeping an employee healthy and working productively costs far less than replacing that employee. Our EAP helps keep employees on the job, and more importantly, sends a message that they're valued assets worthy of commitment and support.

EAP can intervene in employees' problems before they interfere with work, and you can address the needs of your employees on a professional and compassionate level while saving your company money.

Learn more about the benefit Mercyhealth EAP services can make in our employee's productivity and your bottom line.