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Emergency medical services

Emergency medical services that take place prior to being admitted to a hospital are called prehospital care. In addition to our emergency room care and the training of EMS professionals, Mercyhealth offers other vital prehospital emergency services to our communities. These services help area residents get the best possible outcome for their illness or injury—a second chance at life.

MD-1 emergency response program

Mercyhealth's MD-1 emergency response program brings hospital-level care directly to the scene of a trauma or medical emergency. Each MD-1 vehicle is equipped with lifesaving medical equipment, and the MD-1 doctors work alongside first responders to stabilize patients prior to transfer to an emergency department. This improve patient outcomes, and, in many instances, save lives.

The MD-1 program enhances Mercyhealth’s emergency care services throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

MD-1 contact information for emergency medical professionals

For 24/7 emergency response, MD-1 can be contacted by the dispatch center upon incident commander request at 1.800.MD.REACT.

MD-1 only responds upon formal request of an authorized emergency service. MD-1 will respond automatically as determined by the on-call physician with EMS agencies under Mercyhealth medical direction.

Agencies not under our medical direction will need to formally request a response. Agencies and patients are not billed for our services.

REACT helicopter

Mercyhealth's REACT helicopter is available to transport critically ill or injured adults, children and infants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This helps provide rapid access to lifesaving care when time, specialized skills or specialized resources are crucial to a patient’s outcome or survival.

On board the REACT helicopter is a pilot, critical care flight nurse and critical care flight paramedic. Led by a board certified emergency medicine doctor, the medical crew has extensive training and experience in the care of critically ill or injured patients, including moms and babies in a high-risk pregnancy, as well as children.

Mercyhealth REACT: Public event visits and hangar tours

Community interaction is important not just to Mercyhealth REACT as an organization but to every REACT Partner. Our Partners take pride in the communities they serve and are always looking to be involved in the form of educational lectures, base tours, local safety awareness days and more.

If you are interested in having REACT at your event, taking a tour of our beautiful bases you can get started by selecting one of the options below and completing our Contact Us Form.

Tour options

Public event visits

  • Each year, Mercyhealth REACT participates in many events, including mock crashes, safety days, public safety department open houses, and many more. While we can’t attend every event, we do evaluate each request and try to participate in as many as possible.
  • Mercyhealth REACT welcomes the community to reach out to learn more about our organization and operations.
  • Regrettably, REACT cannot attend events such as visits to schools, daycares, church events, and scouting events. In cases such as these we encourage the organizations to consider a hangar tour.

Hangar tours

Hangar tours (which take about 25 minute) at Mercyhealth Hospital-Rockton Avenue in Rockford, IL, can be provided for the following:

  • Preschools
  • Cub Scouts or Girl Scouts
  • Elementary/middle schools
  • Low attendance events
  • Non-emergency medical service-related events

To request a tour or visit...

Please complete our contact us form. Thank you!

Important Reminders

  • Mercyhealth REACT values community interaction. Safety remains our top priority, and your help is appreciated in this process. Make sure your form is complete with the needed information before submitting so the scheduling process can be expedited for you.
  • If you are not sure of the eligibility for REACT’s aircraft to attend your event, please feel free to complete the Request Form anyway. Someone will be in contact with you to confirm and verify the information.
  • To ensure proper time to review and approve your submitted information, a 14-day notice is required by REACT. If your event falls within that 14-day window, your information can be submitted and will be reviewed, but may not be approved in time for the event. Our outreach coordinator will contact you either way.