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Diabetes care

A new diabetes diagnosis or the worry that you may have the disease can bring up a lot of questions about your diet, continuing health, symptoms and medication. At Mercyhealth, we hope to provide some peace of mind.

Although diabetes it is a lifelong disease, careful management can slow its progression. Our diabetes care staff specializes in diagnosing, treating and providing follow-up care for conditions related to diabetes.

Our team of dedicated doctors, nurses, diabetes educators and support staff do everything we can to help you manage your condition. From diabetes prevention and management to care for complications, we strive to give you the support you need. We welcome you as our newest, most important team member.

Diabetes education program

Our certified diabetes educators help you find all of the answers. How can I manage my diabetes? What should I eat? What kind of prescriptions or insurance coverage will I require? Does my dad have diabetes? What if my child has diabetes?

Mercyhealth's certified diabetes educators can give you the tools to learn about the condition and understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Managing diabetes can be difficult for some people without support and education. A referral from your doctor is required to see a diabetes educator.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment, find a diabetes specialist or diabetes educator, or call 888.396.3729.