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Complementary medicine

True health requires a delicate balance of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. When that balance goes awry, it may require several forms of medical treatment to restore. That’s where complementary medicine’s greatest strength lies. As its name implies, it is used as a complement to conventional medicine.

Whether you choose to use chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy or Traditional Chinese Medicine separately or as recommended complements to conventional medical treatment, you'll find experience, expertise and understanding at Mercyhealth.

No referrals required

While our complementary medicine providers work closely with Mercy primary care doctors, referrals are not required to make an appointment. People of all ages in need of restoration, rebalancing and healing—from infants to senior adults—are welcome to make an appointment.


Acupuncture is a safe, minimally invasive approach used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including pain, digestive issues, mental and emotional concerns, and reproductive and gynecological problems. It’s also used to support general well-being and reduce stress.

How does acupuncture work?

During an acupuncture session, sterile, hair-thin needles are inserted to precise spots in your body. This stimulates the body’s own electrical system to promote healing. This is based on the theory that everything in the body is interconnected, and what happens to one area has the ability to affect another.

Make an acupuncture appointment

Acupuncture is offered at the Mercyhealth Complementary Medicine Center in Janesville. To make an appointment, find an acupuncture professional or call 608.741.6799.

Chiropractic care

Experiencing pain in the neck or back can be debilitating and affect your quality of life. Chiropractic care can help by relieving your discomfort and getting you back to the activities you enjoy.

What is chiropractic care?

As a complementary form of health care, chiropractic care offers a safe, drug-free, nonsurgical approach to relieve back and neck pain and restore function. This medical specialty treats your muscles and bones—especially your spine—to benefit your nervous system and overall health.

Personalized care to help you feel better

When you see one of our chiropractors, they will evaluate your condition use techniques to adjust your spine, joints and soft tissues. They will also teach your therapeutic exercises, make lifestyle recommendations and provide education to not only help you feel better, but also provide you with the skills you need to achieve long-term health and wellness.

Make a chiropractic appointment

Chiropractic care is offered at the Mercyhealth Complementary Medicine Center in Janesville and Mercyhealth Woodstock. To make an appointment, find a chiropractor or call 608.741.6799.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects. Cell function is improved, resulting in improved healing time, pain reduction and decreased swelling. Laser therapy offers safe and non-invasive treatment for muscles, nerves and joints. If you are suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, a sports injury, arthritis, etc., laser therapy may be right for you.

Can Lumix laser therapy be used with other treatments?

Absolutely. Laser therapy is often used with other treatments, including chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy and traditional medical care to accelerate healing and reduce pain.

Scientifically sound?

Laser therapy has been widely used by doctors in Europe and Asia over the past 40 years. The FDA first cleared lasers for use in the United States in 2002. Since then, laser therapy continues to grow in popularity.

This treatment is offered by Dr. Scott Priske and Dr. Karen Bridge at the Mercyhealth Complementary Medicine Center in Janesville. To make an appointment, call 608.741.6799.

Massage therapy

Massage can benefit people of all ages. As one of the oldest healing arts, massage therapy is a great way to relax your body, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, reduce recovery time, improve your range of motion, increase blood circulation, and soothe sore muscles.

Massage uses touch to loosen and heal muscles and soft tissues. Our licensed massage therapists use a variety of techniques, from therapeutic and deep tissue to stretching and relaxation. Massages are offered in 30-, 45- or 60-minute sessions.

Massage can help improve health issues, such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Circulation problems
  • Muscle tension
  • Range of motion and flexibility
  • Stress

Make a massage appointment

Massage therapy is offered at the Mercyhealth Complementary Medicine Center in Janesville and Mercyhealth Woodstock. To make an appointment, find a massage therapist or call 608.741.6799.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest health care systems in the world, at roughly 4,000 years old.

It includes:

  • Herbology, which is the use of plants in healing and for medicinal reasons
  • Moxabustion, which is use of heat through herbs
  • Nutrition
  • Tui na, which is Chinese massage often used in conjunction with herbology, moxibustion and acupuncture treatments

Personalized treatment

Each treatment given is tailored specifically to you and your unique health circumstances. It’s used not only to treat internal and external physical ailments, but also emotional ailments such as stress and anxiety.

Make an appointment

Traditional Chinese Medicine is offered at the Mercyhealth Complementary Medicine Center in Janesville. To make an appointment, find a provider or call 608.741.6799.