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Cardiac rehabilitation

After all the high-tech tests, procedures and surgeries are done, we continue to help each of our heart and vascular patients heal and adjust to a healthy new way of life through our rehabilitation programs. We do this because we know heart care involves more than just medicine; it involves people who want to see you recover and enjoy life to the fullest.

Mercyhealth's cardiac rehabilitation program is a comprehensive exercise, education and support program for those at risk for cardiovascular disease or for those recovering from a recent heart event or procedure.

Benefits of cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation helps you:

  • Take control of your health by giving you the tools to better manage your risk factors of cardiovascular disease
  • Improve your quality of life by helping you move better, do more and function better

Cardiac rehab phases

Mercyhealth offers a multi-phase program.

Phase I

Phase I begins while you are in the hospital. Our exercise physiologists give you basic guidelines on starting a home exercise program, how to check your heart rate and some lifestyle restrictions because of your heart event. We'll also review your personal risk factors for heart disease and discuss ways to decrease or control those risk factors.

Phase II

Once released from the hospital, you will begin an outpatient program that includes structured, monitored exercise and education. During Phase II, you’ll learn about your heart condition, how to be proactive in improving your heart condition and risk factors, how to exercise properly, and how your body will respond to exercise. Phase II typically lasts anywhere from six to 12 weeks and meets up to three days a week for 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

Phase III (transition program)

Once you have graduated from Phase II, you can exercise on your own or continue in our Phase III (transition) exercise program. This program includes supervised exercise with staff helping you to transition to a more independent exercise program. This program also meets up to three times a week. You usually stay in this program for approximately four weeks.

Phase IV (wellness program)

Some of our Mercyhealth sites are able to offer a Phase IV program. This program is an independent exercise program and is much like attending a gym. Most patients are ready for this program after a month of Phase III. This program typically meets 3-5 days a week.

Cardiac rehab cost

Most insurance companies cover the cost of cardiac rehab for six to 12 weeks. Participating in one of the maintenance programs (Phase III/IV) includes a nominal fee.

Cardiac rehab support

Your family and friends are a very important support system for you. Their help and encouragement can be vital in your recovery process. We encourage your family to get involved in the exercise programs and attend education classes covering stress management, the emotional aspects of heart disease, exercise guidelines, anatomy and physiology of the heart, medications, risk factors, and a heart-healthy diet.

Learn more

To learn more about these services, call the cardiac rehabilitation center nearest you.