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Cancer registry

A cancer registry collects and combines detailed information about cancer patients and the treatments they receive. It's a database of confidential patient data used to track local cancer trends and shape the development of cancer-related programs and services.

Our cancer registries help your doctor and health care team provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date treatments available. Our registries also routinely and closely monitor your medical progress throughout the year. These efforts provide:

  • Better care for you and other patients.
  • An opportunity to identify new or recurring physical problems you may have.
  • A reminder to schedule regular follow-up visits with your doctor.
  • If you receive a follow-up letter, please answer the questions and return the form in the envelope provided. The information will be used to maintain your record in our registries.

We provide lifetime follow-up on all patients diagnosed or treated for cancer at Mercyhealth. You or your doctor will be contacted at least annually and asked for follow-up information regarding your health status. This helps us follow your treatment, cancer status and assess the need for future cancer programs.