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When you or a loved one have trouble hearing, it can feel like you’re missing out. Our audiologists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders in individuals of all ages, from newborns to adults.

Testing for hearing loss

If you suspect a hearing loss, the first step is to make an appointment with a Mercyhealth audiologist for testing and evaluation. Audiology testing is painless, comfortable and safe. It includes checking your ability to recognize everyday words at different volume levels and to hear various tones.

How we can help improve your hearing

Our audiologists will interpret the findings from your hearing test and, if needed, work with you to determine the best treatment options for your specific hearing loss.

We offer hearing aids and cochlear implants for patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss who do not benefit from hearing aids. In addition, we offer bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA), a surgical option for certain types of hearing loss.

We also offer assistive listening devices, custom earplugs for musicians and sound protection devices to protect your hearing.

When you should see an audiologist

If you are struggling with hearing loss-related symptoms, visit an audiologist to help you regain access to sound for a better quality of life.

Make an audiology appointment

To make an appointment, find an audiologist or call 888.396.3729.