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PODCAST: Overcoming anxiety and worry

Dan DeSloover, MS, LPC speaks about mental health specifically in the workplace and offers self-help tips to ease anxiety and advice on steps to get help when needed.

As we return to a more normal lifestyle in the waning weeks of the pandemic, it is normal to maybe feel a little anxious about returning to work. Whether it's just leaving the comfort of your house again on a regular basis or reintroducing yourself to the social aspect of work, anxiety and depression are something that can grab a hold of people during these transition times.

Dan gives us some calming techniques we can use at work to calm ourselves down, like breathing exercises.

We also walked through how someone can ask for help if they're feeling overwhelmed mentally.

The stigma of mental health problems is less today than before but it's still a difficult decision for anyone to make, Dan gives us the best advice on how to get help if you think you need some.

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