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Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program–Rockford residents

Class of 2022

Mahita Bellamkonda, MD

Medical School: Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum, India

"I strongly believe in the old adage, 'prevention is better than cure.' It is central to my work as a family medicine resident. I enjoy treating patients of all ages and aim to positively impact community health through collaborative care plans with an emphasis on preventive medicine. I love being part of the Mercyhealth family, and I'm excited to continue my journey towards being a well-rounded physician."

Nandini Chattopadhyay, MD

Medical School: American University of Antigua College of Medicine, Coolidge, Antigua

"To be able to take care of patients from 'womb to tomb' is what I've desired my whole life. I love the 'family' part of family medicine. At Mercyhealth's Family Medicine Residency Program, I not only can deliver babies and care for them as they grow up, but I can also care for their parents and grandparents. I absolutely love being the advocate of their health and to be there for my patients during the most vital/vulnerable times of their lives."

Gilda Djabarzade, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine, Bridgetown, Barbados

"True fulfillment in life comes from the sensation of knowing that you did some good in this world by helping others. This is why I went into family medicine. Knowing that I can treat different patient populations every day will always keep my curiosity to continue to learn and become a better person. I love educating my patients and striving to improve their quality of life. The Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program gives me the opportunity to work with and learn from an experienced, well-rounded and caring faculty who are willing to help create excellent physicians."

Anurag Gill, MD

Medical School: University of Medicine and Health Sciences–St. Kitts, Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis

"I love the diversity that family medicine has to offer, both in the well-rounded nature of scope of practice and in the people you are privileged to meet. The focus on continuity of care allows for meaningful relationships to develop over time and the opportunity to take care for people of all ages. I value the role that primary care physicians have in serving and supporting communities."

Amit Johal, MD

Medical School: International American University College of Medicine, Vieux Fort, St. Lucia

"I treat all patients how I would like to be treated if I were a patient. I offer them patience and understanding. Family medicine is a unique opportunity to be able to treat people of all ages while getting to connect with them and make a positive difference in their overall health. I appreciate the chance to make a difference."

Huma Khan, MD

Medical School: Dubai Medical College for Girls, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"After earning my medical degree from Dubai Medical College, I moved to the United States to pursue my dream of becoming a family medicine physician. I strongly believe in practicing patient-centered preventive care. I enjoy seeing patients from every walk of life and building rapport with them. My areas of interest include hospital medicine, community health and women's health. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, cooking, and exploring Rockford and Chicago."

Monica Manhas, MD

Medical School: St. Matthew's University School of Medicine, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

"I chose family medicine because I am provided with exposure to a wide spectrum of medicine, which is ever-changing. I am constantly challenged by new medical discoveries, which has made me a lifelong learner. From newborns to adults, pregnant women and the elderly, I enjoy having the opportunity to provide care to a wide spectrum of patients. The relationships between my patients and I are based on trust and mutual understanding. By working as a team, we can focus on preventive medicine and approach their health care as a united front to avoid medical problems from arising in the first place."

Shahid Mohammad, DO

Medical School: Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Indianapolis, IN

"As a physician, my goal is to provide both treatment and medical education to my patients. I believe empowering patients to take control of their ailments and approaching problems as a team to establish physical and mental well-being is important. My special interest includes mental illness, addiction, children's health and preventive medicine. At Mercyhealth, I am able to work with excellent supervising physicians and specialists who help guide me through complicated disease processes"

Sona Najafi, MD

Medical School: Gilan University of Medical Sciences, Gilan Province, Iran

"After graduating from medical school, I worked as a family medicine physician in Iran. In 2015, I moved to the United States and began working as a medical researcher at the USC/UKRO Kidney Center, Keck School of Medicine. After completing my required certifications and gaining some professional experience, I began training at Mercyhealth's Family Medicine Residency Program–Rockford, Illinois. I chose to go into family medicine because I love building lifelong relationships with my patients. I chose the Rockford area because of the friendly and diverse patient population with a huge opportunity to gain experience in the field of family medicine. I chose Mercyhealth because of the strong commitment it has to the well-being of all the people in this area and look forward to serving the Rockford community after my graduation in 2022."

Vinita Patel, MD

Medical School: University of Queensland School of Medicine, Herston, Australia

"I chose family medicine because I value building long-term, genuine relationships with my patients. It gives me with the opportunity to treat patients of diverse backgrounds while using a holistic approach. As a family medicine physician, my goal is to treat the whole person, focusing on their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I am excited to continue to advocate for my patients and their overall health."

Sarah Robertson, MD

Medical School: University of Queensland School of Medicine, Herston, Australia

"Family medicine, for me, was an easy career choice. Growing up in a small town, I saw the same family medicine doctor from birth to graduation. It’s great as a patient to have an established rapport with your doctor so that you trust their advice and feel that they really care about you as a person. Now I’m on the other side of that patient-doctor relationship and am dedicated to getting to know my patients, educating them about their medical issues, and helping them take charge of their medical decisions in order to provide the best care possible."

Dipti Sabharwal, DO

Medical School: Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Indianapolis, IN

"My medical school journey started in Indianapolis, though I am originally from Canada. My passion for family medicine comes from the diversity and continuity of clinical care it brings to the table. Being able to provide care and support to patients is immensely gratifying. As a part of the inaugural family medicine residency class at Mercyhealth, I am excited to help pave the path for future classes and mark a milestone. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, swimming, playing board games and traveling."

Class of 2023

Faheem Ahmad, MD

Medical School: Hamdard College of Medicine and Dentistry, Karachi, Pakistan

"A doctor-patient relationship should be a noble and therapeutic one. I know that my patients have many expectations from me when it comes to their physical health, mental health and their everyday life concerns. My goal is to provide patients with an effective medium through my knowledge and through my practice, where they can find answers to their concerns through a mutual decision making and improve their overall health."

Mehwish Aziz, MD

Medical School: Windsor University School of Medicine, Cayon, Saint Kitts and Nevis

"From a very young age, I had been fascinated by how vital medicine was in society. I knew I always wanted to be a physician, but later discovered that family medicine would be my true calling because of its long-term approach to patient care. Growing up in a small town, Rockford’s community-oriented familiarity seemed like a second home from which I could learn, grow and experience a host of challenges. My favorite part about Mercyhealth is that it teaches us the importance of continuity of care. The program truly focuses on patient-centered care while actively adapting its services to the evolving need of community. When I’m not practicing medicine, I love to touch base with my family, watch crime shows, cook and most importantly eat!"

Seif Eid, MD

Medical School: St. George's University School of Medicine, True Blue, Grenada

"I chose family medicine due to the wide scope of practice while establishing long-term relationships with patients. My goal is to be able to advocate for the health and well-being of my patients while providing a comprehensive level of care. I enjoy practicing in Rockford because it is a multicultural city which provides great opportunities for outdoor activities and cultural experiences."

Amanda Ghuman, MD

Medical School: St. Matthew's University School of Medicine, West Bay, Cayman Islands

"Throughout medical school, I have always had an interest in primary care as well as in preventive and integrative medicine. I believe that family medicine will allow me to combine these interests into a practice that will enable me to build meaningful and lifelong relationships with my patients. I can use these relationships as the foundation for healing and creating a healthy lifestyle. I like that I have a chance to prevent, detect or intervene upon illness before long-term complications develop. Outside of my practice, while growing up near the Rocky Mountains, I developed a passion for hiking. I also enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends."

Hyojin Jeon, MD

Medical School: Trinity School of Medicine, Ribishi, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

"I was born in South Korea and moved to Chicago to pursue a career as a pianist. During this time, I discovered my passion for medicine and switched my career path to medicine. During medical school, I met the love of my life and we love spending time raising our beautiful daughter. I enjoy occasional family outings to Rock Cut State Park. After residency, I intend to get involved in an outpatient clinic setting and serve the underserved community as a family physician."

Adam Lee, MD

Medical School: American University of Antigua College of Medicine, Osbourn, Antigua & Barbuda

"I believe the practice of medicine should be treated as if all involved members of the care team are part of the patient’s family. The patients themselves are instrumental to working with us in reaching goals and making plans and decisions. At Mercyhealth, I enjoy the opportunity to care for patients of all ages and backgrounds."

Navjot Minhas, MD

Medical School: Aureus University School of Medicine, Oranjestad, Aruba

"Treating patients holistically as whole human beings with interdependent bodies and minds is, to my knowledge, the most effective and thorough way of providing medical care. It is also a central factor in what draws me to family medicine. While the creative process of assisting patients to better understand and improve their health brings me great satisfaction, the long-term treatment involved in this field will enable me to create professional relationships with patients that are built on trust, open communication and emotional intimacy. Cheers to a beautiful life!"

Caleb Oluwadamisi, MD

Medical School: Windsor University School of Medicine, Cayon, Saint Kitts and Nevis

"I'm just a regular kid from Nigeria with a curious mind and a strong passion for helping people. I consider myself a jack of all trades, so family medicine was a no-brainer for me. The ability to care for people of all ages, genders and demographics requires a strong foundation of all the fundamentals in medicine and this is the reason why I chose family medicine."

Ekroop Sekhon, MD

Medical School: Windsor University School of Medicine, Cayon, Saint Kitts and Nevis

"I chose family medicine because I’m passionate about providing patient-centered care to a wide variety of patient populations. My goal is to utilize the skills and knowledge gained at Mercyhealth to provide evidence-based and best practice care to enhance all patients' quality of life. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest has given me an appreciation for being outdoors and staying active, which is why I love Rockford and all of the great things to do here."

Keith Shankar, MD

Medical School: Windsor University School of Medicine, Cayon, Saint Kitts and Nevis

"My passion for medicine emerged following a volunteer excursion to Kenya, where I assisted in orthopedic surgery and pediatric intensive care. The adrenaline of practicing medicine was novel and far surpassed reading about it in textbooks. Throughout rotations in medical school, I found something to appreciate in each specialty, but ultimately found my path with family medicine. The versatility in practice, flexibility in lifestyle and the fulfillment of developing long-term relationships with patients has only further verified my choice. Family medicine is a cornerstone of medicine that encompasses knowledge, scope and humanism into one intangible career."

Luvleen Shergill, MD

Medical School: Aureus University School of Medicine, Oranjestad, Aruba

"I chose to pursue a career in family medicine because of the broad scope of practice, continuity of care and opportunities to build lifelong relationships with my patients. My interests include behavioral and global health. Outside of medicine I enjoy travelling, exploring new cities and cultures, as well as spending time with my family."

Adrian Velasquez, MD

Medical School: University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines

"While working as an emergency room nurse in New York City before residency, I realized the role of primary care and its unrecognized importance. Conditions left untreated by a primary care physician are often the root cause of most ER visits and hospitalizations. In order to make a change in our community, I believe preventive medicine through family medicine must be the forefront of our health care system. I was born and raised from the Philippines. Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending downtime with my partner and our dog, Bruno. I love being outdoors and playing different sports like table tennis, badminton and volleyball."

Class of 2024

Keziah Aibangbee, MD

"Family medicine was my career choice because it is a specialty that teaches both how to prevent and treat diseases. With this knowledge, I am better equipped to help my patients and their families anytime and anywhere I find myself in the world."

Namrata Anand, MD

Medical School: St. Matthew's University School of Medicine, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

"As a family medicine physician, I want to care for people in all age groups. Family medicine doctors are usually the first point of contact into the medical world and the best advocate for preventive medicine. I aim to be an advocate and educator for my patients so that we can learn from each other in a meaningful way."

Devendra Autar, DO

Medical School: Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Downers Grove, IL

"I decided to pursue family medicine because of the wide scope of practice as well as the long-term relationships I am able to build with my patients. The philosophy I take with my patients is that we work together as a team. We come up with a plan to suit their goals. My time here with Mercyhealth gives me the opportunity to care for patients from all walks of life while giving me skills needed to be successful as a general practitioner."

Numan Aziz , MD

Medical School: Windsor University School of Medicine, St. Kitts, West Indies

"I believe family medicine is the heart and soul of the medical field. It encompasses pieces of all the specialties and is the doorway by which many patients get more specialized care. I truly enjoy building long-term relationships, providing comfort and inspiring change while tailoring treatment plans that are best suited to the patients. Mercyhealth allows me to learn and adapt from well-rounded, experienced physicians. In my spare time, I like to play basketball, work on cars, cook and most importantly eat!"

Bryan Ikeudenta, MD

Medical School: Windsor University School of Medicine, St. Kitts, West Indies

"Being a family medicine physician is a privilege and an art. The precious gift of helping and healing those along the entire spectrum of life is a blessing. I'm thankful for where I am now and will be more thankful for where I will take my patients to and the lessons I will learn from them."

Katarzyna Jasinska, MD

Medical School: Jagiellonian University Medical College, Kraków, Poland

"What a privilege to care for people of all ages. Family medicine can heal, educate and console all persons in the community. It is a harmonious balance between art and science. It is an exciting, challenging journey which can bring hope to those most in need. It is my mission to provide quality and compassionate health to build a better tomorrow."

David Jeong, MD

Medical School: Trinity School of Medicine, Ribishi, St. Vincent & Grenadines

"It is my ultimate goal to form lifelong bonds with my patients and help them achieve their full health potentials. I am grateful for the opportunity to become a part of their life journey and intend to provide an environment that feels like home."

Panav Jha, MD

Medical School: St. Mathew's University School of Medicine, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

"I chose family medicine because of the ability you have to influence every facet of a person's life. Whether it be medical or personal, I love the idea of being able to bring a positive influence to my patients. I'm excited about the chance that I have to make meaningful relationships throughout my career."

Anqi Li, DO

Medical School: Midwestern University Chicago College of Ostopathic Medicine, Downers Grove, IL

"I attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst for undergraduate. After college, I spent two years working at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. I decided to come to Chicago for medical school after shadowing two physicians who were both CCOM alumni. During medical school, I was involved in a variety of projects including integrative medicine use and public perception, diabetic education to Chinese Americans, and tourniquet simulation in non-trauma settings. I was drawn to Mercyhealth Alpine's commitment to family medicine and knew Rockford would be a great place to train. I have a few interests in medicine, including sports medicine, mental health and urgent care. For this reason, I chose primary care, and I'm looking forward to a great three years in Rockford. In my free time, I enjoy cycling, cooking and playing with my cat, Tootsie."

Harshraj Sidhu, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine, Barbados

"The all-encompassing nature of family medicine solidified my interest in this specialty. Its focus on the preventive model of care is something that I felt aligned seamlessly with my medical interests. As a family medicine physician, I hope to build generational bonds with my patients in which I can see them through all phases of their life. Growing up in a culturally diverse community allowed me to understand that comprehensive care is a combination of physiological and social determinants of health. I aspire to employ this approach in my practice to help my patients reach their health goals."