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Simulation center

The simulation (sim) lab at Mercyhealth’s Prehospital and Emergency Service Center–Rockford uses a variety real-life patient care scenarios, complete with sounds and realistic backgrounds.

Providers, including first responders, paramedics, and nurses to our critical care providers and medical students, have the opportunity to practice in real-world, difficult scenarios that can rapidly change with the push of a button. Thousands of students each year are better equipped to handle critical situations in the community because of the training they receive.

State-of-the-art sim lab

Our state-of-the-art sim lab features:

  • METI man – human patient simulator
  • METI vision – a simulation room with:
    • Video scenario immersion
    • A control room
    • A sound system
    • Video recording for debriefing
  • High fidelity OB simulator for high-risk, low-frequency emergency child births

Hospital-setting sim lab

A second sim lab features a standard patient room headwall and an emergency department headwall so nurses and physicians simulate in familiar settings. A crash cart and cardiac monitor mimic equipment available on the floors.

By using video, called METI-Vision, instructors play back the simulation cases to have the students review and critique their own performance as part of their training process.

Our sim labs are used by hospital staff and prehospital providers who participate in:

  • General orientation simulations
  • Unit-specific simulations
  • Inter-disciplinary simulations
  • Difficult patient encounter simulations

See a sim lab in action

Learn more and watch a video about Mercyhealth’s high-tech simulation lab.