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Program curriculum

Delivering excellence in education

We strive to prepare our residents for the full spectrum of family medicine, including, but not limited to, outpatient medicine, inpatient hospital care, ICU, sports medicine, women’s health, pediatrics and urgent care. We have a strong support system with the subspecialties.

The first-year rotations focus on inpatient medicine, surgery, OB/GYN, emergency medicine, pediatrics and the newborn nursery.

The second- and third-year curricula expand the outpatient experience with further rotations and electives in specialty fields. We offer the opportunity for international health trips for those that are interested.

During all three years of training, each resident also has their own longitudinal continuity clinic for their private patients.

Program overview

Mercyhealth offers an ACGME-accredited, unopposed residency in family medicine. We accept seven new residents each year to begin training in our community-based academic teaching facility. We strive to prepare our residents for the full spectrum of family medicine, including, but not limited to, outpatient medicine, inpatient hospital care, ICU, sports medicine, women’s health, pediatrics and urgent care.

Comprehensive training and experience

We give you the knowledge, experience and community awareness you need to become a valuable resource to patients wherever you practice. This is done in a supportive environment focused on your education. Training includes:

Family medicine clinic

The facility at Mercyhealth South is equipped to provide outpatient care needs, including physicals, dermatologic procedures and women's health, including colposcopy. The clinic also has its own social worker to provide further resources for patient education and assistance.

Inpatient medicine

The inpatient medicine experience is rich with learning cases and hospital procedures. Each medicine team consists of an intern, a second-year resident and a third-year resident. On this busy service, residents admit and manage patients on the general medical floors, coronary care, neurologic and medical intensive care units. They also serve in the Code Blue team for the entire hospital.


Pediatric rotations include both inpatient and outpatient experience with acute and chronic issues as well as normal growth and development. From newborns to the pre-college physical, our pediatric experience teaches age-appropriate management of pediatric medical, nutritional, behavioral and emotional issues. Furthermore, each resident also participates in a longitudinal pediatric experience in his or her own clinical practice.

Obstetrics and gynecology

Under the supervision of senior residents and faculty, our residents learn how to provide prenatal care during both normal and high-risk pregnancies. There is an OB track. During the gynecology rotation, residents gain experience in colposcopy, contraceptive guidance and well-woman care. The skills learned on these rotations are honed over the course of the three years in each resident's own longitudinal clinical practice.

Surgery and emergency medicine

Mercyhealth Hospital and Trauma Center is a busy Level 2 Trauma Center. In our bustling ER rotation, residents work one-on-one with our emergency medicine faculty to evaluate and manage minor emergencies and full trauma alerts. While working in the hospital the residents get an opportunity to intubate patients and run codes. This hands-on experience continues in the surgery rotation as residents work directly with our surgical faculty.

Teaching conferences

Teaching conferences are held weekly. These conferences are the primary didactic portion of the program and are organized to cover all aspects of family medicine and provide excellent Board preparation. There are also morning reports, daily case presentations and monthly journal clubs.

Procedure clinic

During the dedicated procedure clinic time, the resident will have the opportunity to see a patient and perform or assist with procedures, making for an outstanding training opportunity.

The procedure clinic is offered weekly and is run by a faculty member and a resident. The faculty physician is present for all procedures. The faculty and the resident will have a discussion with the patient about their condition, treatment plan, follow-up and after-care needs.

Procedures performed include:

  • Excision of skin mass/lesion
  • Incision and drainage of abscesses
  • Joint injections
  • Laceration repairs
  • Paracentesis
  • Skin biopsies
  • Toenail removal
  • Women's health: IUD/nexplanon insertion, colposcopy
  • And many more