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Our residents

Class of 2023

Victoria Ulatowski, MD

I chose family medicine because I want to experience many different parts of medicine and be able to practice with all different age ranges. Receiving training on everything from delivering babies to lumbar punctures to trauma care is very rewarding and makes medicine fun and exciting.
Mercyhealth has provided a great training experience since the program is located in a rural setting so we get to see a wide variety of patients. The area also provides great outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, golfing, etc. Janesville provides a small town feel while having a short drive to big cities.

Vera Boateng, MD

I chose family medicine because this field gives me the opportunity to serve varying patient populations. Not only does it expose me to how to build lasting relationships with patients, but its ability to provide a great platform for continuity of care for optimal health outcomes.
I chose Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program–Janesville because it’s an unopposed community program with a small class size. This has allowed me to be exposed to a wide variety of opportunities and specialties, in addition to having close knit group of colleagues that I can call my work family. I also appreciate the opportunity to moonlight, which broadens my medical knowledge and exposure even further as I go through my residency training.
My medical interests include outpatient women's health, procedures and research. I also enjoy volunteering, cooking, baking and watching old TV series.

Abraham Cho, MD

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. I moved across the country to Toronto for college and ended up at UMHS for medical school. I went into medicine and family medicine in particular because of the diversity of pathology and the continuity you develop with patients. I love the fact that I get to care for patients of any age and with any condition. I always strive to make my patients feel heard and I take pride in seeing their lives improve. The long-term impact of good primary care and preventive medicine can be literally life changing and is a passion of mine.
I was drawn to Mercyhealth’s residency program because of the educational autonomy the program provides and the ability to tailor my education to my interests. The opportunity to expand my learning through moonlighting is also a big plus. The vibe of the residents I met during the interview process was what sealed the deal for me.
I spend most of my spare time watching Netflix, listening to true crime podcasts and trying to stop my 17-month-old son from jumping off couches and tables.

Reshma Nair, MD

Academic chief

I chose family medicine because it included pieces of so many specialties that I enjoyed in medical school, including pediatrics, psychology and obstetrics. It was the perfect fit for my diverse interests. I enjoy the opportunity to interact with patients of all ages and cultures, and work with them as a team to improve their health and overall wellness.
I fell in love with Mercyhealth during my interview. I immediately felt at home with the residents and staff. I knew I would be surrounded by others who are as passionate about this field as I am.
In my spare time, I love reading, binge watching Netflix for hours on end, exploring local cuisine, and spending time with my husband and our beloved cat, who we rescued from the streets of Chicago!

Krystal Romero Valentin, MD

Choosing family medicine was an easy decision to me after realizing that I did not just like just one thing, but liked it all. Family medicine gave me the opportunity to grow as a physician and satisfy my curiosity in all aspects of medicine, from newborns all the way to geriatric care, both outpatient and inpatient.
The reason I chose this program was after meeting them during a family medicine conference I loved the vibe of the people there. Once I interviewed, I enjoyed how they continued to introduce me to as many of the residents and faculty as they could so I could get a sense of the people I could possibly be working with.
In my spare time I enjoy nature days—hiking camping and biking, which are all easily enjoyed here in Wisconsin. I also enjoy traveling back home to PR to have some fun in the sun, scuba diving, and spending time with friends and family.

Reem Sanadiki, MD

Administrative chief

I chose family medicine because I love being my patients’ primary health care advocate that can oversee their entire story. I also love the wide scope of care we offer and the versatility that allows us to practice in multiple health care settings. My special interests include adolescent medicine, mental health advocacy, emergency medicine and procedures.
I chose Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program–Janesville because of the culture and people. Residency is three years of adversity, and being somewhere you go into work every day excited to see you co-residents is something I never take for granted. Along with that, our biggest asset is Mercyhealth’s emergency medicine simulation training program.
In my spare time, I enjoy painting, playing music and history.

Daniel Vaz, MD

I chose family medicine due to the ability to be a resource and advocate for my patients as they navigate an ever growing and complex health system, as well as my interest in preventive medicine and the ability to educate patients on wellness. I also enjoy the holistic approach to medicine and the variety of pathology we encounter on a daily basis.
In my free time, I enjoy hiking and being outdoors.

Class of 2024

Cailah Kasulke, MD

I chose family medicine because of the full spectrum of medicine it allows me to learn and practice, and I chose Mercyhealth's residency program because it offers just that. It's a program that prepares residents for all aspects of medicine, from the clinic, to the hospital, procedures, and more.
In my spare time in Janesville, I like to renovate my old farmhouse, take my dogs on long walks on the many trails Janesville has to offer, and share laughs and apps on a patio with my colleagues.

Ali Kilic, MD

I chose family medicine because of the continuity of care, and the long-lasting relationship you build with patients and their families. Family medicine allows you to practice medicine across all age groups and keeps you up to date with a wide range of diseases. I chose Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program–Janesville because it is unopposed. It provides me with the opportunity to work with attendings one on one, and gives me with the opportunity to perform various procedures.
In my free time, I enjoy watching sports, exploring new places, swimming, camping, going to concerts and spending time with family.

Andriana Roman Soto, MD

I chose family medicine because it gives me the opportunity to provide continuity of care, recognizes the patient as a whole and not just a disease, and gives me the opportunity to care for multiple generations. My special interests include family medicine with obstetrics, women’s health, procedures, preventive medicine and hospital medicine.
I chose Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program–Janesville because it’s an unopposed program that provides many unique opportunities for more exposure. There’s an OB track, as well as dedicated time for education, like simulation labs.
My hobbies include baking, taking care of my house plants and going to the movies.

Jamison Utzig, MD

I was drawn to family Medicine because it allows me to care for patients through all stages of their lives. I chose Mercyhealth because it provides experiences ranging from simple clinic check-ups and common procedures, to complex hospital admissions. These opportunities allow me to develop a wide range of skills to better care for patients in my future practice.
My hobbies include fishing, hunting and hiking, making Wisconsin a perfect fit.

Natalie Wietfeldt, MD

I was drawn to family medicine because of the opportunity to take care of patients from cradle to grave, have continuity, and see a variety pathologies within a clinic day. I also enjoy procedures, and the ability to gain experience starting intern year was one of the many things that drew me to this program. One of my lifelong goals is to practice family medicine in Wisconsin, and being at a program in the area with supportive faculty and many learning opportunities, both inpatient and outpatient, made the program a great fit for me.
My special interests include mental health, and I worked on a variety of related research projects prior to and throughout medical school. My hobbies include cooking/baking, reading, travel and scuba diving.

Hafsa Zubairi, MD

I chose family medicine due to my interest in preventive medicine, nutrition and in developing good relationships with my patients. The mercy health program appealed to me due to it being an unopposed program in a smaller community hospital.

Class of 2025

Karilyn Claudio Vargas, MD

I chose Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program–Janesville since it allows me to integrate two areas that I am passionate about: primary care and women’s health. In addition, the Mercyhealth faculty and residents treat you like family, which make it the perfect program for me.
I enjoy reading books specially thrillers genre, listening to crime podcasts, and discover new restaurants. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Gilberto Enriquez, MD

I chose family medicine because I was always interested in the full spectrum of patient care. I don’t want to just establish care with my patients. I want to be able establish true relationships, allowing for the best care I can give.
I grew up in Janesville. I love the state of Wisconsin and I always wanted to come back home for residency. This program provides the best of both worlds, with the regional location along with the aspect of being an unopposed program that allows for even more learning opportunities within the health system.
My hobbies include watching the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Bucks. I also love snowboarding, golfing, watching sports and being outdoors.

Gail Ettienne, MD

I was born and raised on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean – Dominica, lived a significant part of my life in the UK, and I now call the USA my home. Medicine has always been my dream, but I placed it on hold for many years to raise my family. I’m excited to be able to fulfill this passion and to pursue practice with a significant geriatric population eventually.
I was attracted to Mercyhealth’s program because it aligns closely with one of my core values of caring for a significant underserved population. I also like the fact that it is unopposed and provides ample opportunities for learning procedures. The greatest selling point for me was the camaraderie among staff and interns, which made me feel like the program provided a safe space to learn and grow.
In my spare time I enjoy DIY projects because I am fairly adept with tools. I also enjoy cooking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Ashruti Hajari, MD

I chose family medicine because this specialty will allow me to see patients of all ages and build lifelong relationships with my patients. I want to be able to provide full spectrum of care, including prenatal and postnatal care, so the fact that Mercyhealth offers a strong OB track felt like the perfect fit.
I had the opportunity to visit for a second look and meeting the faculty, residents and staff and seeing the camaraderie among them solidified my choice for this program.
In my free time, I enjoy working out, watching basketball and football, playing golf, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

Omar Iqbal, MD

I chose family medicine because I’m passionate about being my patients’ strongest advocate and providing individualized care during their health care journey. My patient care philosophy includes raising awareness of health care disparities and promoting health literacy.
Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program–Janesville embodies what family medicine practice truly is. During my interview, the sense of camaraderie and genuine care for one another was apparent. I’m grateful to be part of a program that has a significant impact on their community.
When I'm not practicing medicine, I enjoy going to the gym, outdoor activities, traveling, expanding my social media page, and discovering new food spots to try.

Ashley Pohlman, MD

I chose family medicine because it allows me to build longitudinal relationships with patients, provide wholistic patient care, and focus on my passion for women’s health.
I chose Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program–Janesville because it’s an unopposed program with a strong tie to multiple subspecialists, allowing for a multitude of unique opportunities. I was also really impressed with the OB track. Everyone at this residency program makes you feel like a family.
In my free time, I enjoy walking, running, binge watching Netflix, playing X-box, and snuggling with my two cats, Lucky and Shadow.

Cole Sogge, MD

I chose to pursue family medicine because I fell in love with every aspect of medicine and patient care. From prenatal care to chronic disease management in the elderly population, I wanted a specialty that allows me the time to get to know my patient and treat multiple generations within the same family. I want to practice rural medicine and help fill the need for primary care access in the Midwest. I have additional interest in sports medicine training.
My hobbies include practicing dad jokes, grilling a mean steak, quoting Will Farrell movies, frisbee training with my three dogs, any team sports (NFL, NBA, and CFB), fantasy football, strategy-based board games (Catan and Monopoly are my jam), and hiking.