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Paul Rudkin

Paul Rudkin is state licensed and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in audiology by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. He received his master's degree in audiology from the University of Iowa. 
Monica Freeman Monica Freeman is state licensed and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in audiology by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. She received her master's degree in audiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

To schedule an appointment with on of our certified audiologists, Paul Rudkin or Monica Freeman call Mercy Walworth Hospital and Medical Center at (262) 245-0535 or Mercy Clinic East at (608) 756-7100.

Follow-up Appointments
A recheck appointment is scheduled during the 30-day period in the event modifications are needed and to address any questions or concerns that arise. Additional appointments for servicing and adjustments can be scheduled as needed, at no cost to the patient.

Warranty Information
A two-year warranty is standard with most hearing aid purchases, unless manufacturer restrictions apply, which includes repairs that cannot be performed at the clinic.

In addition, most manufacturers offer a one-time/one-year replacement warranty for each hearing aid that is lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair. In some cases, the aid is replaced at no cost. However, most manufacturers charge a small fee for this service.

Repairs and Batteries
Our audiologists are equipped to perform many minor repairs at the clinic free of charge. On occasion, a hearing aid may require servicing at the manufacturer which, if out of warranty, will be a cost to the patient. Hearing aid batteries have an average life of one to three weeks, depending on the battery size, circuitry drain and hours of usage. Batteries are easily changed at home and can be purchased at the clinic or at most pharmacies or discount stores.

Work with Professionals
Your audiologist will assist you in selecting the best hearing aid(s) for your specific needs from manufacturers providing quality products and services. Your audiologist will also show you how to use and care for your hearing aid(s) during the fitting appointment.

It is in your best interest and recommended by the Food and Drug Administration that you consult a physician prior to purchasing a hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Styles
Mercy offers variety and flexibility when choosing a hearing aid that's right for you. Our selection comes from a number of manufacturers so we can select the hearing aid that is best for improving your type of hearing loss. The four basic styles of hearing aids are:

  • Completely in the canal (C.I.C.)
  • In the canal (I.T.C.)
  • In the ear (I.T.E.)
  • Behind the ear (B.T.E.)

Hearing Aid Benefits

  • The latest hearing aid technology
  • Customized programs for specific listening environments
  • Optimal hearing for those in multiple listening situations
  • The ability to amplify soft sounds, such as speech, while suppressing loud sounds to a more comfortable level
  • Reprogrammable for changes in hearing
  • Easy to use
  • Available with directional microphones

Hearing Aid Prices
Prices vary with these choices:

  • Programmable vs. digital
  • Hearing adi style
  • Circuitry/number of programs
  • Options, e.g., telephone switch, directional microphone, etc.

Full payment is required on the day of delivery.

The hearing test is included in the price of the hearing aid(s). However, the test may be covered by your health insurance. Most insurance companies do NOT cover hearing aids. Simply call your insurance company or employer to verify your coverage.

Trial Period
Each patient receives a full 30-day trail with his or her hearing aid(s) beginning the day of fitting. If you are not completely satisfied, the hearing aid(s) may be returned with the 30-day trial period.
A full refund will be issued less a $50 cancellation fee if all hearing aids dispensed are returned. If at least one hearing aid is kept, there will be no cancellation fee.