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Financial Policies

At Mercy Health System, our policy is to provide exceptional health care services to people in the communities we serve, regardless of ability to pay. Many of our patients have insurance or other programs to help pay for the services we provide. In many cases, we have agreements with insurance companies and other payors. When we have such agreements, we bill in accordance with the terms of the contracts.

We all experience hardships from time to time, and some of our patients may have limited or no ability to pay. For those patients, we extend a variety of financial assistance measures. The purpose of this page is to explain our financial assistance programs and our payment policies. If you have questions about any matters relating to payment for services, please call customer service at (608) 741-7630, or toll-fee at (866) 269-7115.

What if I have no insurance?
If you have no insurance, we will provide medically necessary services to you at a discounted price. The discount does not apply to services that are not medically necessary or to retail services such as purchases of glasses or prescription drugs. We calculate the rate by taking an average of certain
discounted rates we offer to insurance companies. For our current discount, contact customer service at (608) 741-7630, or toll-fee at (866) 269-7115.

We apply the discount to all uninsured patients. You may also qualify for other payment programs including our charity care program, called Community Care, which offers reduced prices and free services.

If you do not qualify for a payment program, we may ask that you pay a deposit on the day of your service. We will bill the remaining amount later.

Sometimes, after we provide services, we learn that patients have insurance. When that happens, we will bill at either our standard rates or the rates that we have negotiated with the insurance company or other payor. You will be responsible for the portion of your bill not covered by insurance.

What options do I have for paying my bill?
You may pay your bill in a variety of ways. We accept most major credit cards. You may also pay in cash, check or by using a bank credit card. We will also extend interest-free, short-term financing for your portion of the bill. Under our short-term financing program, you may pay balances in equal installments of at least fifty ($50) dollars for a period of up to twelve (12) months. Depending on your circumstances, we may work out a longer payment term. You may make financing arrangements with a patient financial counselor or customer service representative. For more information, please call (608) 741-7630, or toll-fee at (866) 269-7115.

We also provide extended financing programs through lending institutions (banks or credit unions). These options are available for patients who may need to make payments over a longer period of time.

What happens if I do not make payments?
We will send monthly statements to you (or the person responsible for your bill, sometimes known as a guarantor). There will be separate statements for hospital and physician clinic services. Our statements will tell you the dates of services rendered, the charges for the services, the amount we
billed to your insurance company, and any payments we have received.

If you know that you will not be able to pay your bill on time, please contact customer service at (608) 741-7630 or toll-free at (866) 269-7115. If you do not respond to any of our monthly statements, we may send your account to an outside agency to assist us in contacting you and receiving payment. All of our efforts to obtain payment, whether performed internally or by an outside third party, will be consistent with all applicable regulations.

How does the Community Care program work?
Community Care is our assistance program for patients who are not able to pay in full for services we provide. Under our Community Care program, you may qualify for reduced prices or free services.

We use the Federal Poverty Guidelines to determine your eligibility for Community Care. The Federal Department of Health and Human Services publishes the Federal Poverty Guidelines annually. Community Care covers only medically necessary services. Our Community Care program does not cover elective or non-medically necessary services.

You may obtain a Community Care application by contacting one of our patient financial counselors. You may also call our patient accounts customer service department at (608) 741-7630, or toll-fee at (866) 269-7115 to obtain an application or ask questions. We will review your Community Care application and make initial recommendations for eligibility. If you have any questions on your final eligibility status, you may contact customer service to ask for a review. If we approve your application for Community Care and your financial situation improves, we will not alter the previous payment arrangement for services rendered before the time your finances improved. If your financial situation becomes worse, you may apply for Community Care at that time. If you qualify, we will apply our Community Care program to past balances.

Illinois Hospital uninsured patient discount information:
An uninsured Illinois resident who meets certain income requirements may qualify for a discount of hospital services. You may apply for consideration under Mercy's financial assistance program. Please call 1-800-236-0999 or speak with a Patient Financial Counselor to learn how to apply.

What if I have questions about payment?
We have patient accounts customer service representatives available to answer your questions. Please call customer service at (866) 269-7115 or (608) 741-7630.

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